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Number 95

Tantia Srivianti
Short story

Number 95
Here’s in Jerez, one of the most powerful motoGP circuit in the world. Summer in Spain, I see the warmest smile in this world. He is my man, Jesse Peterson, he is doing interview with some journalists. Without knowing I also smile when I see him. I wish him the best, I don’t want to see him get hurt. I pray from him deep in my heart. I love him.
“Jesse, what do you think about the race today? And what is you strategy?” ask a journalist.
“I will give my 100%, pick the best medium tyre, and I have to focus in the third corner because it’s the most dangerous corner in this circuit. And also I have to win this race because my girlfriend is here. I have to make her proud of me.” Answer him. He looks at me who stand beside him holding an umbrella, so the sun cannot hit his beautifullnes. I protect him and i give him my best smile.
“we know that Jia is a busy woman. How do you make her give her prestigious time to fly far away from Japan to be here in Spain?”
“she is a singer. We know she is a sucessful singer. She is very busy. She is Asia Top Singer. She travel all Asia. She is here not for me but for the race. She really is love motoGP, that’s why she always have time to come to the circuit.” Jesse smile once again and bit laughing but I know deep inside his heart, he’s really proud of me.
“your family always come with you, what do you think about it?”
“I like my love one support me by their present. That’s why I always ask my family come with me everywhere, even my grandparents come to the circuit haha and honestly I force Jia to come to every race I joined haha” I laugh out loud hearing Jesse’s answer and everybody do.
“Marc.. thank you for your time. I hope the best for you. Be save.”
“thank you thank you” they shake hands.
All the riders line up mean the race is going to start soon. We face each other, no words just smile. Suddenly I have some strange feeling, what is it? Jesse holds my hand. He makes me get closer. He whispers some words to my ears. But i cannot hear a single thing. It’s too crowded. What? Jesse? You what?
The crews asks us to leave the pole position bcause the race is about to start. What? Wait! I want to know what Jesse just say to me. But it’s too late. Jesse already wear gloves and helmet. Jesse.. Jesse.. wait..
I really want to cry. I really want to hear what he said. Oh God! What should I do?
The pole position clean from people. Only the riders is in the track. Warm up lap is about to start. They look so cool. But my eyes only for Jesse. I try hard to recall all the words he said to me. I have no idea. I lost my mind for awhile in this paddock box.
Race start. Oh my god. What am I doing? I look the monitor tv. I’m looking for Jesse. Here he is. Looks good and cool. He is my man in his 13 laps to go. Holy cow! It’s already hir 15 laps. What am doing for this long time. I sit here blankly.
Jesse just pass the 16 laps. Full gas. 298km/h is the fastest speed for him this race. Here’s come the first corner. He leans to the ground, take over the corner followed by the other riders. He contantly number one. He smoothly passed the second corner.
Here’s come the third corner. The rider behind him lose control of his bike. He grind out my jesse who just lean to pass the corner. Big crush. It’s a big crush. Jesse… My Jesse. They slide with their bike and hit the banch. Oh my god. I’m so shocked and cry. I jump up from my chair. I cry out. I see the red flag wave. No. Now black flag waved. It means they have to stop the race. It must be serious situation. Oh my man.
I see an ambulance come across the track. I want to see what happen. What happens to my man. But his team block me. They say Jesse’s fine. But I dont believe it. I cry. I cry non-stop. I want to see him. I want to make sure that his okay. I’m worried. I want to faint.
“be the best singer this world. I’m sorry and I love you.” He smile and wear his helmet. His last words for me.
The end.


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