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Korean Culture

Over the past decade, Korean popular culture has spread infectiously throughout the world. The term, “Korean wave,” has been used to describe this rising popularity of Korean popular culture like pop music, TV dramas, and movies.. The Korean wave—”hallyu” in Korean—refers to a surge in the international visibility of Korean cul¬ture, beginning in East Asia China in the 1990s and continuing more recently in the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, and parts of Europe (Ravina, 2008, p. 1). The Korean wave portrays an unprecedented frame of Korean popular culture by the Korean media alongside the line with commercial nationalism. As a result, the Korean wave is manifested as a regional cultural trend signifying a triumph of Korean culture (Hyejung, 2007, p. 3).
Along with it, the interest of Korean language has increased. In order to understand what they watch or listen, people, especially Korean-Lovers begin to study Korean eventhough only learn how to read or write hangeul-the Korean alphabet. The Korean language has a relatively large number of speakers. Counting the 50 million people in South Korea and the 24 million in North Korea, the population of Korean today is 74 million. Korean is also spoken in overseas Korean communities, especially in China, North America, Japan, and the former Soviet Union. (Sang-Oak Lee, 2008, p.21).
The books and the courses of learning Korean become a big promised bussiness because the interested from the public is also big. We can see in the bookstore the Korean books have thier own corner now and also the courses, it increas radiply along with the Hallyu invention. This case makes the writer interested to write about Korean.


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