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Nama : Tantia Srivianti

kelas : 4SA03

NPM : 17611024

A . 10.  A new ring road round the city is being build by them.

            A                                               B             C            D

      10. C. Built. Pasive voice of present continuous must be followed by past participle.

B.  2. The  sheepdog is chasing after  the sheeps which is  heading over the hill.

A                B                              C               D

2. c. is. the sheeps is plural, after “which” must be followed by “are”.

C. 4.   Tom and her sister studies biology last year, and so does Jean.

A                      B                     C                        D

4. c. Because “last year” is time signal for simple past tense. a sentence must be in the same tense.


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