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Public Speaking Tips, Techniques and Training For Effective Business Communication

Vitaly Geyman give some Public Speaking Tips: Creative Techniques and Training For Effective Business Communication. He said that If you are running a small business or a private practice which involves in any way interacting with the public then business communication skills, that is your public speaking skills are essential to the success of your business.
Whether you are giving a formal speech was simply talking to someone at a social gathering, having these helpful public tips for public speaking will give you the confidence and clarity that you need to present yourself in public.
Vitaly give some creative techniques and training strategies for overcoming fear of public speaking and creating confidence in your presentation.
• Public speaking tip #1

Be very clear about what you’re trying to communicate in your speech. Write down the main points that you want the audience to walk away with. Keep this to a minimal , people simply cannot remember more than three or four key points

• Public speaking tip #2

Announce the aim of the talk right up front, and repeat it again at the end to see if you have successfully got the message across

• Public speaking tip #3

Have a very clear structure for the talk. Powerful introduction – informative body – powerful conclusion. How you end the talk is critical because people tend to remember the last few moments of your speech much more than what you said in the beginning.

• Public speaking tip #4

Keep the number of points you present on each slide to a minimal five of six. Do not overwhelm people with information.

• Public speaking tip #5

The energy that comes across from you is just as important if not more important than information you’re trying to convey. So stay inspired and communicate from your heart. Remember, even though you are the expert you need to connect with your audience just like you would be talking to a friend. That is, keep it personal and authentic.



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