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Equivalent Words List dan contoh kalimatnya

1. Approved accounts = akun yang diakui
e.g : if the approved accounts do not comply with the law, every director who was a party to their approval is guilty of an offence.
2. Blocked account = akun yang terblokir
e.g : payment due on the oil will be made into a blocked account rather than to Iraq.
3. Bond = surat obligasi
e.g : many investors switched out of shares into bonds yesterday.
4. Brisk = ramai
e.g : Restaurants do brisk business at Thanksgiving.
5. Broker = pedagang perantara/komisi
e.g : Ovitz brokered the multibillion dollar Japanese acquisitions of Columbiba and MCA.
6. Budget = anggaran belanja, neraca keungan
e.g : The President has promised to balance the goverment’s budget (=make sure that no moe is spent than is received as income) within three years.
7. Buck = dolar
e.g : there are big bucks to be made from sport.
8. Bulk = bagian terbesar, borongan
e.g : The change in the tax system will affect the bulk of the population.
9. Clause = ketentuan
e.g : A confidentiality clause was added to the contact.
10. Curve = kurfa
e.g : the price curve is rising as the bond gets closer to maturity.
11. Differential = yang berbeda
e.g : the change in the exchange rate over a period will equal the differential inflation rates between the two countries.
12. Dip = turun
e.g : An unexpected dip in profits
13. Annual earnings = pendapatan tahunan
e.g : Growth in annual earnings in services slowed last year.
14. Flaw = cacat, kerusakan
e.g : the manufacturers agreed to spend about $10 million to fix a flaw in the missile.
15. Freight = muatan, pengangkutan
e.g : among foodstuffs, grain was the principal bullk freight.
16. Mend = memperbaiki
e.g : The economy is now on the mend.
17. Merger = penggabungan
e.g : SM and Woollim Entertainment now full merger for the better future of K-POP industry.
18. Pledge = jaminan
e.g : He will pledge his personal residences to secue his borrowings.
19. Seed : modal awal
e.g : In Germany, goverment funding has helped seed about 300 companies in three years.
20. Warehouse = gudang
e.g : the unit will add 14 waehouses to its current distribution centers.



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