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How I Start My Bakery Business
• Heri : Hey, Yanti! Long time no see! And now your bakery business has gone into a great success. What an achievement!
• Yanti : Thank you, Heri. I’m still trying as best as I can to satisfy every customer.
• Heri : Wow. Can you tell me the story of your success, Yanti?
• Yanti : Well, before my business goes this big, I also experienced hard times. At the first time starting out my bakery, my factory where I made the bakery foods was in my own house’s kitchen. I did everything by myself. I made the dough, I baked the dough, I packed the bakery foods, I marketed and distributed my bakery foods to food stalls to be resold all by my self. I tried my best to satisfy people and make them love my bakery foods.
• Heri : And then… what happened next?
• Yanti : Over time, many people began to like my bakery foods. Seeing that opportunity, with adequate fund of bank loan and driven by strong will, I decided to build and open up my own bakery. It wasn’t still a large bakery. I stopped selling my bakery foods to the food stalls and began to sell them in my own small bakery.
• Heri : Did many people come to buy right after you opened the bakery?
• Yanti : It was like I needed to start over again. I had to introduce my new-open bakery to people once more. I made brochures and leaflets to get people know my bakery. And…. finally, people started to come over my bakery. My bakery customers then increased in number by the help of mouth-to-mouth promotions. That was how my marketing strategy worked.
• Heri : Wow, weren’t you overwhelmed to handle those customers all by yourself?
• Yanti : Of course, I had trouble to meet customer’s demands. Therefore, I decided to employ workers to work on my bakery. I started out employing 3 workers; 2 workers to work with me making the bakery foods back in the kitchen, and the rest became cashier and salesclerk that serve customers.
• Heri : Do you need more workers then?
• Yanti : Of course, my scale of production was getting massive over time. Therefore, I started to employ more workers, enlarge and trim up my bakery, enhance my business strategy until today.
• Heri : What do you consider as the most important thing in running your bakery business?
• Yanti : Definitely, costumer’s satisfaction. I wouldn’t have run my business smoothly if I belittled customer’s satisfaction. One satisfaction of a customer is enough to attract other customers to come.
• Heri : That’s great, Yanti. Thank you for sharing. I wish your story can be helpful for me someday.
• Yanti : You’re welcome, Heri.



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